Lean PMO

A inception enxuta gerou o canvas MVP, no qual está mapeado o que o time estará construindo para a entrega dos incrementos do produto enxuto, baseado nos MVPs. O canvas MVP fornece o alinhamento e direcionamento para o time que vai construir o produto. É importante ressaltar que o time possui alguma flexibilidade sobre o
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Cumulative Flow Diagram

Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) is a valuable management tool for (1) tracking and forecasting the completion of work items, and (2) indicating the need to act upon flow and process improvement. The CFD provides a graphical representation of how the work is moving through the system, helping stabilize the system, act upon bottlenecks and control
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Navigating the organizational structure

I am not sure we have been mapping the organization structure correctly. By “we”  I mean these amazing lean and agile people, going into many organizations, discovering wonders and showing they how to do it better. I have to be humble, or it is just the new-me, on my 40s looking at the old me,
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Burn-up de Features do MVP

O Burn-up de Features do MVP ajuda com o gerenciamento de tempo e escopo de um MVP. Ter o gráfico burn-up visível para todos constrói a confiança na gestão do tempo e no progresso das features do MVP. É uma ferramenta essencial para dar visibilidade ao planejamento e para realizar o acompanhamento da construção das
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Modelos de time de arquitetura por Rafael Magrin

Segue a excelente explicação que o Rafael Magrin fez sobre modelos de time de arquitetura. Basicamente ele descreve três modelos  para definir direcionamento de arquitetura. Segundo ele os modelos 1 e 2 são os mais comuns, mas foi o modelo 3 que lhe pareceu mais interessante. Modelo 1 – Arquitetos fora dos times Neste modelo
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Equipe de produto

Equipes de produto são equipes multifuncionais  dedicados a um conjunto de funcionalidades, um produto ou uma linha de produtos. Em vez de equipes sendo formadas para um projeto, com as equipes de produto, o projeto é construído para maximizar a sinergia entre a equipe e a próxima demanda. Com isso, a demanda é atendida pela
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product thinking

“Here’s what our product can do” and “Here’s what you can do with our product” sound similar, but they are completely different approaches. — Jason Fried (@jasonfried) November 13, 2013 I really like the way Jason Fried stated the sentence. Prior to getting into design thinking and lean start-up, I was just another software developer
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Scaling, Deepening and Broadening Agile

Last week I was on the scaling agile workshop at the amazing XPConf 2015 at Helsinki. Jutta Eckstein, the workshop presenter, the great Charlie Poole along with all workshop participants had a quick and great conversation about the term: scaling agile. Are we talking about the same thing? Is scaling the right word for it?
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What’s your elevator pitch?

If you are a consultant working on a client, then you must have a concise and clear elevator pitch. Basically you meet another consultant on the elevator and she asks you: what is the name of that client of yours? What are you doing there? Here is mine: I help Sicredi to be more agile,
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A day without internet

Everyone should do it! At least once a month. A full day without any internet connection. I have just experienced it and I feel great. I was writing and thinking with myself and did not get distracted or interrupted by accessing email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or reading on the internet what others thought about a
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