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MVP, the right tool for complex system

Think about all systems you know about. Do you have an example of a system where the output comes back as an input? This would be a complex system example. A system for which you should not make a static plan for obvious reasons: the input depends on the output (the system is routed back).
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Cumulative Flow Diagram

Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) is a valuable management tool for (1) tracking and forecasting the completion of work items, and (2) indicating the need to act upon flow and process improvement. The CFD provides a graphical representation of how the work is moving through the system, helping stabilize the system, act upon bottlenecks and control
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A 7-Step Agenda for Effective Retrospectives

These seven steps will help you create a solid retrospective structure that keeps you and your team focused and on-track. It is the time for team members to feel heard. Each important note is written down and acknowledged. Shared notes will trigger conversations. Action items are created. Together, the team will look at different angles
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Burn-up agenda

A burn-up agenda tracks progress towards the planned topics for a workshop. It can be used for any meeting, but is especially useful for time-boxed workshops with a list of topics to be covered. using a simple burn-up grid to plan a meeting and deal with timekeeping by @paulocaroli — Martin Fowler (@martinfowler) August 5,
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The Card Wall

Card walls help to level the flow and maximize the throughput for software delivery. Many books have covered Agile, and several of its principles, practices, and tools, but none have taken a deep look at card walls and the principles behind them. In Stand Back and Deliver, the authors– Pollyanna Pixton, Niel Nickolaisen, Todd Little,
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