Blog Archive at the Top 100 Agile Blogs is #23 on this great compilation of Agile Blogs by Luis Gonçalves.   In case you do not have enough time right now, don´t click on this link:  the Top 100 Agile Blogs.   Luis Gonçalves compiled a great list. It is great to see so many friends on this list. And it is
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[Digital products] Do you know the difference between good and bad revenue?

The financial outcome must always be used as one of the metrics that indicate that the company is being successful, that it is reaching its goal. However, it must not be considered in isolation, because there is good revenue and bad revenue. Bad revenue is all revenue that comes at the expense of the relationship
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Architecture Without an End State

Have you ever thought about it? Deciding upon the software architecture without aiming on its final state. I was once called a software architect, and I tell you I did not think this way. But the software development world has changed. A lot! A decade ago we talked a lot about evolutionary architecture, the one
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[Digital Products] What is the difference between revenue churn and client churn?

Revenue Churn is a measure of the lost revenue for a business model based on subscriptions, calculated in terms of client churn and the total revenue over a period. Client churn is the amount of clients who are no longer users or clients. It is important to know how many are they, and the reasons
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[ToThePoint] how to estimate the MVP and for the overall product effort?

Question: I love the lean inception article. But I have a very important question: my client wants to know when the MVP, and the whole product will be done. How to estimate? Answer: This is the one million dollar question. There’s always someone who wants to know about the schedule. And, typically, they want to
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[Digital Products] What is Revenue Churn?

Revenue Churn is a measure of the lost revenue for a business model based on subscriptions, calculated in terms of client churn and the total revenue over a period. You can calculate it as follows: Monthly revenue churn = revenue from clients who cancelled on the month / total revenue of the month. In order
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[ToThePoint] Which one do you choose?

This will be the cover of the e-Book and printed book: to the point; a recipe for creating Lean products. It’s a book about creating digital products that combines concepts from Lean StartUp and Design Thinking. Cast your vote: LinkedIn or Facebook.
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[ToThePoint] the e-book has a new release

The To the point e-book has a new release: This one is a big update; therefore I am sending this note. Please download the latest version of this e-book in order to get these changes. I have changed many photos, replacing some that were from lean inceptions in Brazil (Portuguese) to lean inceptions in
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What did I do on my sabbatical?

It´s been 10 years that I have been with Thoughtworks, then I took a nice sabbatical last summer. Many people ask me this question: What did you do on your sabbatical? I spent quality time with my family. Please find the family photo below . This photo was taken during a book launch party at
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[Digital Products] What is CAC, LT and LTV?

CAC is the Customer Acquisition Cost. It is the sum of the associated costs with finding and getting the attention of potential clients, and bringing them to your site, converting them into users of your web product and later, into a paying user. For example, imagine that you have only invested on Google AdWords and,
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