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How to provide balance between the minimum and the product: the seesaw and the MVP

Just the other day I was at the playground watching my son riding the seesaw. In a given moment, he was riding the seesaw with another kid with the same weight, later came a heavier kid, then a lighter one and lastly, one stood up and the seesaw was tilted to one side. That made
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What You Should Know About Mob Programming in Explore Phase by Geison Goes

Mob Programming during the Explore Phase has demonstrated excellent results. In the following lines you’ll know more about Mob Programming and Geison Goes´s findings for utilizing it during the Explore Phase of a project. About Mob Programming Mob Programming is a technique that consists of putting all the brilliant minds working together on the same
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How to prioritize a product roadmap?

  How to prioritize, that is, how to decide what to do first? This is a frequent question from every product manager. Whether a new product –that’s is being created now– or a fully operating product –full of suggestions from clients and users–, you should know how to answer it. Below are seven proven techniques
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Lean-Agile Product Management by Jez Humble

Jez Humble, author of “Lean Enterprise” and “Continuous Delivery” is now teaching a semester at Berkeley on Lean-Agile Product Management. And he has shared many slides, and amazing references on the Syllabus page for this course. Enjoy it:
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How to create your 3D book cover

Here is a step-by-step on how I created a 3D book cover for my eBook. Find a blank book cover template (Google Images or your preferred site) Open  , a free online image editor Open image from computer, then open the blank book cover template Layer / Open image as layer (open your flat
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Participative management at Semco

At ProdConf 2015, Clóvis Bojikian shared a little about the beginning of the of participative decision process at Semco. Clóvis Bojikian is Semco’s former HR director, and helped Ricardo Semler to implement the participative management in the company in the 1980s. Clóvis and Ricardo wanted to try new things and create a more participative decision
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What is Scrum?

Scrum is an agile framework to solve complex projects. Scrum was initially built to software development projects, but it has been applied in any scope of complex projects and innovative work. Scrum is especially adequate to projects with requirements that change fast or are highly emergent. The software development with Scrum progresses through a series
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[slides] Digital Transformation & Innovation: how to approach it?

Below are the slides for my talk Digital Transformation & Innovation: how to approach it? Digital Transformation & Innovation: how to approach it? from Paulo Caroli The world is changing faster and faster. With the advent of internet, mobility, social networks and cloud computing, things got really accelerated. When I was younger, the rise of
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Handwritten retrospective notes: Can you read it?

Can you read the notes on the image below? What about the next image, is it more readable? I thought it was only me, but I realized many people suffer from the same problem: really ugly handwriting. Now imagine many ugly handwriting notes together. Welcome to my world: facilitating retrospectives for amazing geeks that can
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[New eBook]: the lean product guide

I have a new eBook to share with you: “The Lean Product Guide: A practitioner’s guide to building viable products customers love“ If you’ve been following my site, you know I was very influenced by lean startup and design thinking. From all of my content, most commented eBook is the ToThePoint. I love the subject
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