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kanban refactoring

 kanban Refactoring is the process of clarifying and simplifying the design of existing kanban and work itens visual representation, without changing its work items internal content. Many Agile teams refactor their kanban (also known as task board or card walls). When I started using card walls, I thought I should define the workflow and create the
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Whiskey, Sushi, Systems and Flow

Please find here the slides for my Whiskey, Sushi, Systems and Flow presentation. Resumo: Venha participar de uma conversa que desafia você a pensar sobre os sistemas de todos os dias implícitos e os parâmetros de fluxo. Vamos falar sobre o seguinte: o meu bar de uísque, minhas habilidades de embarque de avião, o engarrafamento
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Systems Thinking example: boarding a plane

I have seen this pattern many times and decided to write about it. I am about to board a flight. I am comfortable sitting at the gate, and then the boarding is announced. Two crew ground people start looking at IDs and collecting the flight ticket. The line at the gate moves reasonably fast. Now, all
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Software development is empirical

One should learn from previous experiences and previous mistakes. Even better, one should learn from others experiences and mistakes. In software development, we have been very good at adapting knowledge from other industries. This has been especially the case with the manufacturing industry. From the Taylorism to the more recently influences of Lean thinking, the
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The Card Wall

Card walls help to level the flow and maximize the throughput for software delivery. Many books have covered Agile, and several of its principles, practices, and tools, but none have taken a deep look at card walls and the principles behind them. In Stand Back and Deliver, the authors– Pollyanna Pixton, Niel Nickolaisen, Todd Little,
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Boeing 737 manufacturing

Here is the Boeing 737 lean manufacturing video:
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Theory of Constraints

In 1984 Eliyahu Goldratt introduced the Theory of Constraints in his book The Goal. The book is written as a novel that explains the ideas that underlie the Theory of Constraints, a management philosophy geared to help organizations continually achieve their goal. Although the book is aimed at managers, it contains concepts that the whole
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Workflow, Coffee and Agile

Abstract: Agile is all about team collaboration, responsibility sharing, clear communications, and self-management. Come participate on the conversation about the simplest and most effective technique used by Agile teams worldwide: the card wall. With a different presentation style, this session will enlighten you about workflow and agile delivery. Slides:
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released! the OptimizingtheFlow eBook

I have pushed the publish button for the OptimizingTheFlow eBook. I have a list of things I still want to do, but holding it would be contradictory: make the work visible, and then optimize the flow. The cover might change, there are few updates on the content being released, and I want to add another
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choosing the book name – second and last round

Thanks for voting for the book name. There was a draw! The 3 winning names are: Keep the work flowing Continuous Flow Optimizing The Flow With the following two subtitles: Concepts and Ideas for releasing faster and more often. Process Improvements For High Performing Agile teams So, please help me choose the best name amongst
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