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The Inception Facilitator Role

Well-orchestrated workshops have something in common: (1) someone thought about their structure and (2) someone facilitates them. The ToThePoint eBook covers a good structure for an inception. This post uncovers some thoughts about the inception facilitator role. The facilitator’s role during the inception workshop is focused on providing a guide “to lead the discussion” of
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The MVP Canvas

The MVP Canvas is a lean startup template for validating new or clarifying existing lean product ideas. It is a visual chart with elements describing a MVP—minimum viable product´s vision, business hypothesis, metrics, features, personas, journeys, and finances. It assists entrepreneurs in aligning their ideas with the underlying (minimum & viable) work to create and
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understanding project teams’ deliverables and their dependencies

I was invited to facilitate a workshop to clarify four project teams’ deliverables and their dependencies. These teams are part of the same program of work. The workshop took 2 hours, and I followed an agenda to cover 4 topics, answering the following four questions: What is our Program of Work? What are your team
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What to Build?

I have just read Steve Blank latest post: Why ‘Build, Measure, Learn’ isn’t just throwing things against the wall to see if they work I always had a hard time dealing with the jump from the business model canvas to the agile engineering practices. After experimenting lots of styles of agile project initiation, or agile
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MVP examples

Lean products are built incrementally, with recently created MVPs being added to the existent solid product. With MVP enhancements, the continuous and incremental delivery provides the increase of value of the product through time, while the creation process for traditional products does not provide any value up to the end, when the product is ready
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how to build a MVP

Today a friend shared an image on how to build a MVP. Some months ago I tried to draw something similar on a whiteboard: a unicycle, a bicycle, a bicycle with engine, a motorbike (two wheels), a motorbike with four wheels, a car. Kudos to the author of this amazing drawing! And here is the original
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Inception stakeholders and active members

A typical inception agenda has two types of sessions, matching the participation levels: stakeholder or active members. Active member is anyone directly involved by the understanding and implementation of the project. These are the people who should actively participate on all the inception sessions. These might include: Product owners, developers, testers, project managers, and user
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Burn-up agenda

A burn-up agenda tracks progress towards the planned topics for a workshop. It can be used for any meeting, but is especially useful for time-boxed workshops with a list of topics to be covered. using a simple burn-up grid to plan a meeting and deal with timekeeping by @paulocaroli — Martin Fowler (@martinfowler) August 5,
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User Stories and Business Hypothesis

As I find myself diving deeper into the Lean Start up and the Lean Analytics world, I start questioning some of the Agile practices that been  have followed me on every single Agile project I worked on. For instance: the User Story. As a < type of user >, I want < some goal >
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Inception activity for discovering User Stories

On this blog post I share an activity I used on my last Inception.  I found this activity very useful to kick start the User Stories creation.   What are the goals of this project? This question  triggered the conversation about the business goals for the project.    Who will use this system? What are
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