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Architecture Without an End State

Have you ever thought about it? Deciding upon the software architecture without aiming on its final state. I was once called a software architect, and I tell you I did not think this way. But the software development world has changed. A lot! A decade ago we talked a lot about evolutionary architecture, the one
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[ToThePoint] how to estimate the MVP and for the overall product effort?

Question: I love the lean inception article. But I have a very important question: my client wants to know when the MVP, and the whole product will be done. How to estimate? Answer: This is the one million dollar question. There’s always someone who wants to know about the schedule. And, typically, they want to
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Wandering about MVP and Buddhism

I was thinking about MVP – Minimum Viable Product, and remembered of something I read about Buddhism, that related happiness to the absence of expectation. This philosophy and mindset also apply to innovation and entrepreneurship. Think about the creation of a product and the expectation over it. Think about this philosophy – expecting too much
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[E-Book Bundle] Lean Product Secrets

I have just created the Lean Product Secrets E-Book Bundle on LeanPub. The Lean Product Secrets brings together the hands-on experience of three successful digital products enthusiastic. Get to know theirs secrets for idealizing and evolving products, and their combined experience on Design Thinking, Lean StartUp, and Product Lifecycle Management. The thing is, two of
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MVP, the right tool for complex system

Think about all systems you know about. Do you have an example of a system where the output comes back as an input? This would be a complex system example. A system for which you should not make a static plan for obvious reasons: the input depends on the output (the system is routed back).
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How to provide balance between the minimum and the product: the seesaw and the MVP

Just the other day I was at the playground watching my son riding the seesaw. In a given moment, he was riding the seesaw with another kid with the same weight, later came a heavier kid, then a lighter one and lastly, one stood up and the seesaw was tilted to one side. That made
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The Experimentation Sprint Framework

The Experimentation Sprint framework is a Scrum adaptation for the explore phase (from the lean enterprise book; explore -> exploit). Typically the experimentation Sprints start after a ideation/discovery workshop.   The Experimentation Sprint The Experimentation Sprint promotes an experimentation period, typically one or two weeks, depending on the experimentation team’s preference. During the Sprint period,
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The Lean StartUp Newborn email

On few occasions, people will send an email to all employees at ThoughtWorks. My favorite AllThoughtWorks email are the newborn announcements. I just find it amazing. A colleague shares such special moment with everyone form the company, around the globe. I have been there, and I have done it. You are super tired and super
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illustrative images on MVP

Below are a few illustrative images about MVP (Minimum Viable Product) evolution path. I have got those on a great conversation on tweeter.   @cecifernandes @davidakoontz @JoshuaKerievsky @marcobrunobr another one on MVP and product evolution — Paulo Caroli (@paulocaroli) April 22, 2016 @davidakoontz @JoshuaKerievsky @marcobrunobr @paulocaroli IMO, they lack a 1st vision. This is
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ToThePoint: how does the ToThePoint relates to GV Sprint and to Adobe Redbox?

Question: How does the ToThePoint relates to GV Sprint and to Adobe Redbox? First of all, I love GV Sprint and Adobe Redbox. It is superb to see large companies like Google and Adobe showing us how important it is to innovate. The world is changing fast. You should be trying GV Sprint, Adobe Redbox,
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