Retrospective Archive at the Top 100 Agile Blogs is #23 on this great compilation of Agile Blogs by Luis Gonçalves.   In case you do not have enough time right now, don´t click on this link:  the Top 100 Agile Blogs.   Luis Gonçalves compiled a great list. It is great to see so many friends on this list. And it is
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As Simple as 1, 2, 3 – Create a Killer Retrospective (or any meeting) Agenda

As simple as 1, 2, 3: This is how I have been planning the retrospectives (or similar meetings) agenda. Basically, I follow three simple steps: (1) Set the context, (2) Behavioral priming, and (3) Select and run a sequence of activities. Set the context Why is this retrospective (or meeting) being held? What will it
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Handwritten retrospective notes: Can you read it?

Can you read the notes on the image below? What about the next image, is it more readable? I thought it was only me, but I realized many people suffer from the same problem: really ugly handwriting. Now imagine many ugly handwriting notes together. Welcome to my world: facilitating retrospectives for amazing geeks that can
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combining retrospective notes

I love post-it for combining retrospective notes Post-it. One of the best inventions ever! Everyone is on the same room having a retrospective. People write their individual notes on post-it. Then they place the notes on a board. Aha, someone recognizes two notes are about the same topic. Thanks 3M for creating post-it! You simply
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Distributed retrospectives made simple

Everyone is connected to a video conferencing tool Everyone shares the same retrospective board (online) It is simple like that. The image below shows these two tools side by side. I took a screenshot to share how I was participating on a distributed retrospective. Besides these two shared tools, I was using a document editor
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Retrospective 2015

Did you already have your retrospective for 2015? I have. That’s it. It would weird for someone that is always talking about retrospective to miss out on this one. In fact, even better, I used one of my favorite activities. One I use when I’m in doubt between a retrospective or futurospective. And this was
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a great New Year I wish you 365 days of happiness; 52 weeks of prosperity; 12 months of health, love and wealthy; 8760 hours of peace and harmony. But what is Christmas? The tenderness of the past, the reflection about the present, and the hope for the future. Regardless of religion, this
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Postmortem retrospective agenda

Please find below a postmortem retrospective agenda I used for a 1 and ½ hour meeting for a group of 10 participants. I have followed the 7 steps as described in this post, and used the activities from the site. Set the context: “This is the end of a one year project. This is
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New distributed retrospective tool

Try out this new distributed retrospective tool: At times, the retrospective participants are not all in one room. For such occasions, we have used a few distributed retrospectives tools (IdeaBordz, Retrium, Lino…). We found out this new tool. It is fast and easy to use. We liked it so much that we linked directly to
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OIKOSOFY Webinar on FunRetrospectives

Please find below the video for the full webinar — OIKOSOFY Scrum Monthly WEBINAR by Luis Gonçalves with Paulo Caroli and TC Caetano ( )  
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