[Digital products] NPS: from information to action

The big problem with NPS is that a number doesn’t solve much. We need to know where to improve, what to do so the promoters continue to promote our company and services, and what motivated the detractors to give us a low score. To get these information, Fred Reichheld recommends to add one more question to the NPS survey):

Question 1: In a scale from 0 to 10, how likely would you tell a friend or colleague about us?

Question 2: What is the main reason you gave us that grade?

There you go. With this answers in hands you have what it takes to go from information to action. While reading the comments of the promoters you will understand what motivated them to give you a high score and keep these actions. From the comments of the low scores you have the first input to take action. It is very important to talk with the detractors to listen more details on their dissatisfaction.

From the moment they see you care, their perception on your company will start to improve. To seek for understanding the detractors’ motivation and act to solve the problems that got them unsatisfied is the only safe way to increase the NPS and, consequently, the loyalty of your clients.

Maybe you are asking yourself when is the time for this feedback. The answer is quite simple and direct: the sooner, the better. In his book (The Ultimate Question), Fred Reichheld advises to get in touch with the detractors in a maximum of 48 hours. Speed is important to show you read and care with your client’s feedback.

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