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[Digital Products] What is Revenue Churn?

Revenue Churn is a measure of the lost revenue for a business model based on subscriptions, calculated in terms of client churn and the total revenue over a period. You can calculate it as follows: Monthly revenue churn = revenue from clients who cancelled on the month / total revenue of the month. In order
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[ToThePoint] Which one do you choose?

This will be the cover of the e-Book and printed book: to the point; a recipe for creating Lean products. It’s a book about creating digital products that combines concepts from Lean StartUp and Design Thinking. Cast your vote: LinkedIn or Facebook.
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[ToThePoint] the e-book has a new release

The To the point e-book has a new release: This one is a big update; therefore I am sending this note. Please download the latest version of this e-book in order to get these changes. I have changed many photos, replacing some that were from lean inceptions in Brazil (Portuguese) to lean inceptions in
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What did I do on my sabbatical?

It´s been 10 years that I have been with Thoughtworks, then I took a nice sabbatical last summer. Many people ask me this question: What did you do on your sabbatical? I spent quality time with my family. Please find the family photo below . This photo was taken during a book launch party at
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[Digital Products] What is CAC, LT and LTV?

CAC is the Customer Acquisition Cost. It is the sum of the associated costs with finding and getting the attention of potential clients, and bringing them to your site, converting them into users of your web product and later, into a paying user. For example, imagine that you have only invested on Google AdWords and,
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Wandering about MVP and Buddhism

I was thinking about MVP – Minimum Viable Product, and remembered of something I read about Buddhism, that related happiness to the absence of expectation. This philosophy and mindset also apply to innovation and entrepreneurship. Think about the creation of a product and the expectation over it. Think about this philosophy – expecting too much
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[E-Book Bundle] Lean Product Secrets

I have just created the Lean Product Secrets E-Book Bundle on LeanPub. The Lean Product Secrets brings together the hands-on experience of three successful digital products enthusiastic. Get to know theirs secrets for idealizing and evolving products, and their combined experience on Design Thinking, Lean StartUp, and Product Lifecycle Management. The thing is, two of
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[Digital products] revenue and costs

Revenue is the money you get when people use your digital product. Cost is any money that has to be spent or given up in order to get your digital product going. Basically, the revenue will be used to pay for your costs. When you can afford to pay for your monthly costs, the surplus
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Jeff Patton on dual-track development

A few days ago Jeff Patton released a great article on Dual Track Development. It is the first on a series of articles on this topic. Dual track development On it, he shares what he and Marty Cagan have been teaching about product development, and their take on product thinking. Dual track is about product
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Evolutionary Architecture by Patrick Kua

My friend Pat Kua gave a great presentation on Evolutionary Architecture. On it, he answers the following (key) question: What if we architect the system considering change as the fundamental element for business agility? He shares lots of great advice on architecture and agility. By the way, on this presentation he announces a book on
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