ICSE2017 Keynote – Paulo Caroli – Innovate or die

Thank you for inviting me to be your keynote speaker at the ICSE 2017 on May 22 and 23 at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ICSE, the International Conference on Software Engineering, is the premier software engineering conference, providing a forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in the field of software engineering.

The title of my keynote talk will be “Innovate or die: a survival guide to global innovative organizations”, and here is the abstract:

“The world is changing faster than at any time in human history. With the advent of internet, mobility, social networks and cloud computing, things got really accelerated and globally connected.

When I was younger, the rise of innovative products was much slower and isolated. Now it’s different. The future is coming at us faster and faster. And, because technology has made us all so interconnected, anyone, anywhere, can watch the rise of innovative products. But, along with these, comes the disruptive innovation. The changes, coming from anywhere in the Globe, will hit your business at the core. Your company has to do something about it. Fast!

The message is clear: only the most agile and innovative will survive. It is a matter of time, but that time is short. You either innovate, or die. Let’s talk about an approach that illustrates how to manage your current business products, while maximizing future growth opportunities.”

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