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Meeting Burn-down agenda

The meeting burn-down agenda is a visual mechanism to help tracking a meetign progress. The agenda presents the meeting topics as bullet points.  The meeting timeline (from the beginning to the end) is displayed as an arrow next to the meeting bullet points. A pink post-it with a big arrow represents the current time. As
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Mob programming

What?! Two people programming on the same computer? Are you crazy?! This is what came to my mind in 2001 when I first read Kent Beck´s eXtreme Programing explained book. Years later, it feels weird when I walk by an agile development team and don’t see two people working on the same computer. Suddenly I
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Burn-up agenda

A burn-up agenda tracks progress towards the planned topics for a workshop. It can be used for any meeting, but is especially useful for time-boxed workshops with a list of topics to be covered. using a simple burn-up grid to plan a meeting and deal with timekeeping by @paulocaroli — Martin Fowler (@martinfowler) August 5,
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The Card Wall

Card walls help to level the flow and maximize the throughput for software delivery. Many books have covered Agile, and several of its principles, practices, and tools, but none have taken a deep look at card walls and the principles behind them. In Stand Back and Deliver, the authors– Pollyanna Pixton, Niel Nickolaisen, Todd Little,
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Testing private methods, TDD and Test-Driven Refactoring

While being a TDD–Test Driven Development–coach, I am always asked about testing private methods. I finally decided to write about my experience on testing private methods.   When really doing TDD (i.e. writing the test code before writing the functional code, and then refactoring the code) private methods are guaranteed to be test covered. When
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