I have used the following 3 step prioritisation by impact and frequency many times, therefore I am sharing it on this post. I have learned it from Fabio Aguiar PBB’s book as he explain it in the context of prioritising Users Stories for building the product backlog. But I have used it in many instances, such as prioritising problems, objectives and activities.


1. List the items

Start by listing all the items. If possible on post-it or notes that can be easily moved around.

2. Grade the items

Grade all the items, comparatively to each other, in relation of impact and frequency:

  • What is the perceived impact this item has to our business?
  • What is the frequency of occurrence of this item?

If possible, move the items to the Frequency (X axis) and Impact (Y axis) graph .

3. Identify the top ranked items

Decide how many itens to be prioritised and draw the line to indicate it on the graph (the top right corner of the graph)