The day dedicated to thanks-giving reminds us that we need to do more of it.

The collective expression of gratitude helps the team bonding. Saying thank you leads team members to view each other as caring human beings and, consequently, be more effective engaging towards the team purpose.

So here are seven ideas for team retrospectives activities for Thanks Giving.


Token of appreciation

“I would like to give a chocolate for you in recognition of that time when you helped me with… Thank you!“

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good – please add here are the things that went well, and we should repeat, do more of it. (please thank the people that made it happen)

The 3 Ls: Liked – Learned – Lacked

Liked – please share the things you really liked (please thank the people that made it happen).

Empathy snap on big hitter moments

What do you think was the is the ‘big hitter’ moment for your colleague Cris? (for Cris, it is a motivation boost. Cris will thank you for that)


Keep Doing – something the team is doing well, and you recognise the value on it. (please thank the people that made it happen).

360 degrees appreciation

Please write down and share what you appreciate for each of your teammates (they will thank you for sharing your appreciations).

Thumbs up, thumbs down, new ideas and recognition

Recognition – please share the appreciations / thank-yous.


A word of thanks goes a long way. Your team should have fun and caring retrospectives often. Plan your retrospective agenda accordingly. Make sure  to select activities that foster the thanks giving.

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