Below are information about’s pricing and discount policy


Price per language (for remote trainings)


Language Currency Value
Portuguese BRL 935,00
Spanish USD 275,00
English USD 347,00


Price per country (for presencial trainings)


Country Currency Value
Brasil BRL 935,00
Spain EUR 380,00
Chile USD 275,00
Germany EUR 440,00
Peru USD 325,00
Argentina USD 275,00
Portugal USD 390,00
Poland EUR 397,00


This is the price table for enrolling in any of the training courses. We do not have a different price policy, according to the client. Nor do we have people selling the training, who earn some commission on the sale.


About discount


These are the only discount options:
  • group – 20% discount for groups from five participants in the same class.
  • chain of good will – 100% discount for those who are unable to pay at this moment. More info here.


We do not have any other specific discounts for individuals or institutions.