No matter the size or area of the company, they all face questions and obstacles when launching a new product: How to start? Where and by whom will the product be used? What is really useful for the user? Which of these features are feasible? These are examples of some of the issues that arise during the process. But there is a quick and extremely effective answer to all these questions: Lean Inception!


After more than a decade working with inceptions, I have developed the method that will help you and your team put ideas into action! In addition, here you will also learn:


  •  What an MVP is and how to build it to ensure the success of your product.
  •  How to prepare yourself and your team for the workshop.
  •  Step by step with all the activities and explanations for running a Lean Inception from start to finish.


And all you need to get started working toward your goal today!


Get ready, play, work and conquer! All begins with a Lean Inception.


New release announcement


The Lean Inception book in English newest release is being launched on September 2019 (the book newest release will be available at by September 27th). The thing is, Lean Inception has been a bit hit in Brazil (the book in Portuguese is a  best seller on its category at month after month since its release).


The fact, I lived in Brazil for the past 9 nears, and for all these years, I have been facilitating, writing and talking about Lean Inception, in Brazil, in Portuguese. Too much work and young kids, so I was avoiding international trips.


Last month I moved from Brazil to Europe, and now I will start facilitating, writing and talking about Lean Inception, all over, in English and/or Spanish.


Please let me know if you like the subject, if you want to help organize/host a Lean Inception talk or book launching party.