eBook FunRetrospectives: Activities and ideas for making agile retrospectives more engaging, by Paulo Caroli & Tainã Caetano, LeanPub 2015

On this book, we provide you a tool set of activities to transform a group of people into an effective team. Keeping the participants amused and providing a setting where they can reflect, discuss and have fun is fundamental to continuously improve. The catalog presented here is composed by a set of activities, each one appropriate for different contexts and teams. There are Energizers, activities to start off any meeting and getting people to know more about each other. You will also find activities for defining ground rules and getting a team started, which we call Team Building Activities. On other contexts, maybe when running a Retrospective or a Futurespective, you will want to measure the participants’ engagement and understand more about their feelings, for which case Check-in activities are suitable.

To the extent you want to be a part of engaging people deeply and fully with fun and effective activities, you will yourself be invited into a journey of reflection and self-discovery. With this in mind, in this book we go deep into some of the activities and ideas for applying high engagement to typical retrospectives and similar meeting settings.


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This eBook is also available in Spanish and in Portuguese.