PBB’s main objective is to help build a Product Backlog in a collaborative way, based on a shared understanding of the product context and the user needs.

The PBB dynamics consists in constructing the Product Backlog via a facilitation tool, the PBB Canvas. This dynamic brings everyone interested on understanding, planning and prioritising the product features to a hands-on workshop for designing and defining an effective Product Backlog that is fully aligned with the customer needs and the business values.

The PBB main benefits are:
• Assist in building a Product Backlog in an effective and collaborative way.
• Build a shared understanding of the customer’s needs, facilitating the product discovery.
• Describe the user experience and its relation to the product features.
• Facilitate the discovery and the writing of the User Stories.

PBB is achieved by following a few steps to facilitate the understanding of the client needs and the product features context. These steps are represented all in one page, the PBB Canvas.

Following is the PBB Canvas main steps:
1. Contextualize the Product
2. Describe the Personas
3. Understand the Features
4. Map the steps of a Feature
5. Identify the backlog itens

The PBB book is being written in Portuguese, planned to be released by March 2021. A few months after, the book will be released in English.

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