Confidence Voting is a practice used to give visibility to how confident a team is in relation to something that is being proposed, for example, the Sprint planning.

In addition to removing influences, it also works as a safety check and helps to highlight when something is not cool and needs to be adjusted before the team can move on.

This practice consists of asking everyone on the team to show a number at the same time that represents their confidence level between 0 and 5.
5: I am completely sure that I can do this.
4: I can’t think of any problems right now, I believe I can do it.
3: There are few risks with low probability and / or impact. It is doable.
2: I have some concerns, but I’m willing to try.
1: I have great concerns about what is being proposed. I can follow the team’s definition, but I need more information to feel confident.
0: I don’t feel confident at all and I would not like to go ahead with this.

It is important that a conversation takes place if someone has voted 0 or 1, or if most votes are below 3. In these scenarios, information, knowledge or resources (such as time) may be lacking so that the team can do what is being proposed. The conversation will aim to provide information or guarantees that the necessary knowledge and resources will be available to the team. If this is not possible, the proposal must be revised so that the team feels confident and can commit.