I got tired of using computer tools for expressing my ideas as images. Instead, I started drawing on paper. But I always wanted to change the drawing a little bit. The challenge: I use Windows and I am not an expert on SVG graphics tools.

So below is the current workaround I use for getting my ideas on paper, and then on a .png file using simple and free tools (without being an expert)

  1. Draw by hand on paper
  2. Take a photo of the drawing
  3. Open the jpeg image on inkspace
  4. Path / trace bitmat
  5. Save as .png
  6. Open the .png on paint.net
  7. Crop image pieces
  8. Copy / paste the pieces on inkscape
  9. Rebuild the image
  10. Save as png

Below is an example (before and after).




Simple is good. This works for now.