To my dear teachers and their colleagues,


Many thanks to you and all the people involved in the educational institutions.


Thanks to your commitment and work I have gained knowledge and experience to excel in my career.



Today I am celebrating my Lean Inception book success (it’s being more than 60.000 copies — eBook and paperback — in one year release of the Portuguese book edition) . And you are a fundamental part of this achievement.


As a token of appreciation, I made the Lean Inception eBook (the newest release is now available in English)  free to everyone with an e-mail on an educational institution.


>> Download now the FREE Lean Inception eBook, exclusively for educational institutions.


The book Lean Inception shares a very practical knowledge being used in many corporations (specially in Brazil, where the concept was born). I am sure it will be very useful to to you and your students, in the pursuit of practical knowledge on Agile, Design Thinking and Lean StartUp .


If your university domain is not yet on the domain list, please write in on this Linkedin post comment and I will add to the list. If you have a friend on the university, share this post with you friend (either tag your friend on the LinkedIn post comment or forward this email)