Amongst other things, I really like MVP and retrospectives. This probably explains over the years. is a simple dedicated blog for sharing proven retrospectives activities. The site gets lots of access. I believe it has to do with the simplicity and organisation of its content.

But it still keeps the original look, from a 2013 wordpress blog created in a few hours: a  MVP. I am sure there is room for improvements. To gather a few insights and enhance it.

In fact, even before exists, I did experiment and validate that people were very interested on such retrospectives activities.  I used to post retrospectives activities as blog posts on this blog at

I got the learning and insights about the retrospectives activities interest, but the blog was getting a little confusing. I was using categories on blog such as agile, retrospective, inception, etc. At the same time, I was also trying to categorize the retrospective activities posts as energizer, checkin, checkout, filtering, retrospective, futurospective, and team building.

Then I moved the retrospectives activities posts to a new dedicated blog, the Better than retrospective activities posts mixed with many other posts (on many other topics), but still a MVP.

The thing is, people like the MVP and kept on using and recommending it. And I did not change design and structure. I just kept on adding content: a variety of simple and effective retrospective activities.

This year, TC and I finally worked on the content and released the FunRetrospectives book. As per the retrospectives activities, because of the work on the book, we now have improved the written description (removed typos and did a good language review) and have created better images. These will go to the site soon.

But before adding the improved text and images, we want to enhance the experience on Therefore, the request:

>> We’re redesigning our FunRetrospectives site and would really appreciate your inputs.

It should take you less than 5 minutes.

Thank you!