Thank you! Your feedback and recommendations for FunRetrospectives have always been of amazing value for all of us, people interested in making work environments more fun and more effective.

The FunRetrospectives book

As a side effect of this terrible pandemic situation, I decided to contribute by sharing content that I strongly believe improves the way we work. FunRetrospectives goal is to approximate people and improve our interactions.

The new normal with its physical distancing needs even more energizers, retrospectives and team building activities. I am glad I pushed it through and released the book with an add-on for each activity: remote team advice.

sample remote team advice for an activity

It was quite a few months working on the book, but it was released a few weeks ago. I am super proud that all reviewers gave it a 5-star rating. Thank you so much for that (you made us extremely happy)!

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The FunRetrospectives site

Since 2013 we have been sharing fun, simple and effective activities on . We only share simple activities that we have tried a few times (by us and by the community) and that has achieved great results.

The site is dedicated to sharing retrospective, futurospective, team building and energizer activities. It is to be used as a quick and simple place to look for ideas, so your retrospectives (or meetings and workshops) are not boring and are very effective.

A few weeks ago, we released a survey for receiving your main considerations about it. We used it to plan a redesign for the site.

The redesign work is over. And now we share another survey to find out if it has improved and if we have missed something that is really important for you.

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The FunRetrospectives app

I have always used and supported APPs for increasing remote collaboration. As an experienced retrospective facilitator, I need something simple that would reflect how I plan and facilitate the retrospectives, despite of being presencial or remote.

The FunRetrospectives app was born as this simple tool to help plan and facilitate effective retrospectives.

On the past few weeks, the app also went through a redesign to match the site and the book. But now it is the time to listen to you and find out what next for this app.

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Thank you for being part of the FunRetrospectives community. We truly believe we can make a positive difference in the world. Great intentions, amazing people and useful content and tools.


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