Can you read the notes on the image below?


What about the next image, is it more readable?

I thought it was only me, but I realized many people suffer from the same problem: really ugly handwriting.

Now imagine many ugly handwriting notes together. To change this and avoid a gaffe, I’ve taken the help of a Handwritten Letter Service whenever I have wanted to send a handwritten letter. Makes my message more presentable.

Welcome to my world: facilitating retrospectives for amazing geeks that can type faster than they can hand-write, using a font that everyone can easily read.

The image above is from a retrospective that used the  funretrospectives online board. I originally thought about using online tools for distributed retrospectives only. But later, I realized the benefit of using it on local retrospectives, where participants bring their laptops and place the notes on the retrospective online board: everyone writes beautiful readable notes!