A few days ago Jeff Patton released a great article on Dual Track Development. It is the first on a series of articles on this topic.

Dual track development

On it, he shares what he and Marty Cagan have been teaching about product development, and their take on product thinking.

Dual track is about product design and product development work, which although is commonly depicted separate, requires designers and developers to work closely together.

I strongly agree with it. Depict it was you wish, but designers and developers must be working very close together.

Discovery and delivery conjoined model

Another great drawing and explanation Patton shares is about the discovery and the delivery cycles, as a conjoined model.

discovery and development conjoined model by Jeff Patton

discovery and development conjoined model by Jeff Patton

I love his drawing. Typically, I have been calling the potential shippable product a MVP, short for the minimum viable product. I prefer the term MVP to keep these great movements connected: lean startup, agile development and product thinking.

“Two tracks, not two teams”

He also shares his view on “Two tracks, not two teams”. Developers should be involved in discovery and designers in development: the whole team is responsible for product outcomes.

What can I say? I had the opportunity to work with Patton years ago, and he influenced my understanding of design and development work. I totally agree with him! It is ONE team.

How does this relate to lean inception?

Lean Inception is one style of workshop for the ONE team to decide about the MVP. To decide about the direction to follow, the initial work backlog, based on the current understanding (and assumptions).

I typically propose a Lean Inception to get it started, then follow many of the amazing advice shared on this article and the next ones (still to come).

Awesome article Jeff Patton. Thanks for sharing!


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