This week I was at Agiles 2011, the 4th Latin American Conference on Agile Methodologies.

I had the pleasure to give a 2 hour version of the Kanban and beyond workshop. It was very well received by the participants. I did do some improvements since the last time I run the workshop at a conference (the Agile Brazil 2011 conference).

For the 2 hour workshop at the Agiles conference, I decided to shorten the activity time and give only a taste of the full workshop. The results were superb! The participants really enjoyed it. The fact is that the workshop is better suitable for a 4 hours or a full day activity.

I have improved the presentation and the workshop. Now I have different versions of the workshop for different event slots. I have also created site for the workshop. on it you will find the workshop material, feedback, photos and much more.