kanban Refactoring is the process of clarifying and simplifying the design of existing kanban and work itens visual representation, without changing its work items internal content.

Many Agile teams refactor their kanban (also known as task board or card walls). When I started using card walls, I thought I should define the workflow and create the best card wall ever. As I kept working on many agile teams, I realized that there is no such thing as the best card wall.

The card wall shows your workflow and work information. It should start simple. Similarly to code refactoring, time progresses and more are added to it. Soon later you will look at it and find small improvements for clarifying and simplifying it. Just do it!

Below is a picture from the original kanban, followed by two kanban refactorings (by Madison Padilha).

original kanban

original kanban

kanban before refactoring

kanban refactoring 1

kanban after refactoring

kanban refactoring 2



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