Je suis très honoré et heureux d’être le conférencier d’honneur du plus grand événement Agile Suisse de l’année: l’Agile Tour Lausanne 2021.

I am super honoured and happy to be the keynote speaker for the Agile Suisse biggest event of the year: the Agile Tour Lausanne 2021.

The keynote talk title is “Think big, start small, learn fast.” and it is about the topics on this article on OKR, Scrum, Lean StartUp, Lean Inception and a few other very important topics.

Unfortunately, I don’t speak French. The talk will be in English with subtitles in French.

But, as it happens quite often, some amazing and experienced Brazilian who lives abroad has already taken Lean Inception to other countries, other languages.

In the case of French, Fernanda Rigolo has been living in Canada and decided to translate the Lean Inception book and many of its resources to French.

The French edition of the Lean Inception book was launched at the day of the keynote talk, on June 1st. It is available on and all the Amazon sites.

The website is already with a few pages in French. Fernanda Rigolo will keep on adding more content to it.

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