I became a keynote speaker, therefore I want to give you a little history of my conference speaking.
I used to live in Silicon Valley (2000-2008) and India (2008-2010) before going back to Brazil  in 2010. I have been speaking at conferences since 2000. Here are two old talks I’ve registered as a blog post:
I haven’t tracked all the talks and events I went to, but from 2000 to 2009, the average was around 2 conference speaking per year.
In 2010 I moved back to Brazil, where I stayed until 2019. In Brazil (and neighbouring countries), I spoke even at more events and conferences. The speaking average did increase. Every month I was speaking at least on a different event. Besides doing more talks at events and conferences, I also increased the amount of  blogging and writing I do (this explains many e-books and a few books).
But lately, I have been invited as a keynote speaker. Please find below the list of my keynote speaking:


But why did I write this post?
For two reasons: (1) to keep track of these past keynote appearances, and (2) to let you now I want to join your event. The past 9 years, I was  “hiding” in Brazil (I was avoiding international travels to stay close to the family). Many Brazilians know about me, and invite me for many events. But, in Europe, where I recently moved to, lots of people don’t know me. Therefore I decided to start showing up on the local events and conferences. So, send me a note and let’s connect. Looking forward to seeing you at some nice event!