The next city for the Lean Inception book tour is Warsaw, Poland:



Feb 26th, Wednesday 7pm-9pm – Lean Inception talk on the Agile Warsaw meet-up



Feb 27th, Thursday 9am-6pm – Lean Inception book training at Warsaw, Poland



Are you at Poland or you have a friend living there?


Then run for a #LeanInception book at the #AgileWarsaw meet-ip. Write “I want” or tag a friend from Poland on this LinkedIn post. I will raffle ten books for the names in the comments, which will be delivered at the Agile Warsaw meet-up on Wednesday, February 25th.


What is a Lean Inception?

Lean inception is the effective combination of Design Thinking and Lean StartUp to decide the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It is a collaborative workshop that will help a group of people — typically an agile team, a squad, or a product team — understand, align and plan the building of the lean product. The construction of a successful product starts with a Lean Inception.


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