Look how cool this report by Luana Monteiro about a Lean Inception to align and plan a TV show.


#MestredoSabor, Globo’s new reality show opens in a few hours. We innovated how we planed a high quality culinary program and content. I was invited to facilitate the planning of this program and the proposed method was #LeanInception. A enthusiastic, dedicated, committed team was put together to perform this hard work – amazing people from a variety of areas (marketing, TV, technology, publishing, user experience, and business) were involved to contribute, discuss, align, and hypothesise. During the 5 days of Inception: We defined the product vision and objectives; We aligned expectations among all involved areas and stakeholders; We identified approximately 50 features and raised trade-offs; We did map personas and journeys of users (viewers). We had many debates (LOTS!) with a lot of collaboration and focus! We made a beautiful sequencer with 17 waves and, WOW, we came out with our wonderful #MVP and a roadmap with incremental versions, which sought to be valuable to business and users, and feasible to develop. Seeing this program air, I can only thank you for the invitation and feel very proud of this team and method! And more Lean Inceptions to come Keep up on TV and #gshow #LeanInception #Reality #Planning ”


Here is the original post (in Portuguese) by Luana Monteiro.


Please find below a few images from the first#MestredoSabor TV program