Today, I am celebrating a great accomplishment: The Lean Inception French edition is a best seller on and

I share this celebration moment with Fernanda Rigolo, and Ibrahim Boutuil who have translated the Lean Inception book to French. Bravo Rigolo!

In Brazil, the book has been a best seller since its release and Lean Inception is very well known in the IT industry (also amongst entrepreneurs and startups). Lean Inception is the way many Brazilian teams are getting started on a success track.

I was concerned that the French edition would not get enough attention. I do not speak French and my blog did not have content in French. Since the book release, Rigolo has been translating the most read blog posts to French.

But, probably, the launching of the book on my keynote on a French speaking event was a good idea.

Now the French edition of the Lean Inception book is getting a good traction on and

On the next few months, I will work on the second edition of the Lean Inception book (for all published languages — PT-BR, PT-PT, ES, EN and FR). Then I will plan a better launch for the book English edition. I did not launch the first edition of the Lean Inception book in English properly. There was neither a book launch party, nor a keynote speaking event. Lessons learned. I will plan a better launch for the 2nd edition (with more on the remote facilitation tips and tricks).

>> Enjoy the book in French

>> Enjoy the book in English

>> The trainings are getting busier (as many Brazilians have been talking about Lean Inception worldwide). Check it out.