Berlin was the first place hosting an event for the Lean Inception book launch. On Thursday, Oct 26th we had an amazing meetup at the Thoughtworks Berlin office. 60+ people showed up for a presentation and great conversation about Lean Inception and transformation.
On the following day, Friday, Oct 25th, 19 people from Thoughtworks participated on an internal Lean Inception training. It was superb, wit lots of internal projects conversations and how lean inception can help aligning the work before getting started.
On Saturday Oct 26th, 15 amazing people from Berlin and nearby European cities got together for a one-day Lean Inception training. It was amazing! ZenJob did host the training. The space was great! The ZenJob people had lots to share about their own success story with MVP. And every participant brought some perspective form their own experiences and organisations. All got very aligned about the Lean Inception and how it can help align people towards building great products.

Please find below some photos from these events.