You can use the “MVP-checklist” questions to do a quick assessment of your MVP plan.

  1. Is your MVP proposal clear and direct? ( ) Yes ( ) No
  2. Do you know the expected results for your MVP? ( ) Yes ( ) No
  3. Do you know the metrics to be used to validate your MVP hypothesis? ( ) Yes ( ) No
  4. Are you validating your MVP in a segmented group of people? ( )Yes ( ) No
  5. Is your MVP focused to fulfill very specific improvement in the user´s journey? ( ) Yes ( ) No
  6. Are you building the minimum necessary to validate your business hypothesis (but not less than the minimum)? ( ) Yes ( ) No
  7. Can you explain the MVP costs and schedule? ( ) Yes ( ) No

If you answered (x) Yes for all questions, your MVP plan seems to be well thought. If not, consider building an MVP canvas or running a Lean Inception to align people about the MVP.

Download the MVP-Checklist (pdf file).