It´s been 10 years that I have been with Thoughtworks, then I took a nice sabbatical last summer. Many people ask me this question: What did you do on your sabbatical?

I spent quality time with my family.

Please find the family photo below .


This photo was taken during a book launch party at Thoughtworks Porto Alegre office on June 2017.

It is not a business or technical book, but a fiction. My daughter, the book coauthor, has such an admiration for my work environment that she asked for doing the book launch party at the Thoughtworks office.

alipus-capa-3D - menor
My daughter (12 years old) and I wrote the book — O Mistério do colégio Alipus — during my sabbatical.

I took the sabbatical over the Brazilian summer time (December – February), so I could spend the whole summer vacations with my kids.

During my sabbatical, I took care of my new born baby girl, I played with my 6 year old boy, and I   spent quality time with my teenage girl, Duda.

Duda used to watch me writing late at night, and this caught her attention. This was in 2016 when I was working on the To The Point E-Book.

Parents do influence their kids. I had this confirmation when I got the news that she won a prize for best writing on her grade.

That’s when I decided to spend even more time with her, and we came with the idea of writing a fiction book during my sabbatical.

Things worked out nicely, and now our book has been published, and it is influencing young adults on the pleasure of reading and writing.

So, what did I do on my sabbatical?

I spent quality time with my family, building up great memories and stories for a lifetime.