Let’s understand the business scope of this engagement and align about its qualitative and quantitative metrics. The Objectives align with qualitative goals towards the vision. The Key Results are quantitative measurable outcomes working towards the Objectives.

Objectives (Where do we want to go?) and Key Results (How do we know if we are getting there?)

Step by Step

  1. What are the main objectives? (from 1 to 3, at most)
  2. Brainstorm about Key Results for each objective
    (from 3 to 5 for each Objective)
  3. Improve the OKRs and plan how to follow on them

Sample OKR

  • Objective: Get to Rome after a nice road trip (departing from Barcelona)
    • KR: Stay in at least one 5 star hotels stays per week
    • KR:  Being closer to Rome every other day, at least 50 km closer than the two nights before.
    • KR:  Visit at least 3 museums per week

Connect OKR to other activities

The above are the instructions for running the OKR activity in an inception or similar workshop.

Typically, before the OKR session, the group has done some other activity to align on the vision and the current context (for example, the organization and the teams’ topologies activity).

And many are the activities that can come after an OKR session. It depends on the group objectives and the context of the workshop. For example, on the Data Mesh Accelerate inception, the OKR session happened before a specific session to explore the challenges ahead. In that context, the group first talked about OKRs and, right after it, started the conversation about the challenges ahead.


>> The OKR and other inception activities are listed on this page.