Please find below a good OKR workshop activity. I typically use it as one of the hands-on activities for a OKR workshop. I typically split the participants into groups and give them the following KR problem statement for each group. After a few minutes we assess the results and have a conversation about KRs. You find a good read for a possible answer here.

OKR problem statement


XYZ is a very successfully on-demand courier food service startup.


XYZ App currently reaches millions of happy customers.


XYZ CTO got great UX research data on her next great idea: a recipe sharing App (connected with an ingredients delivery service).


To launch an awesome MVP. This is one of the 3 main XYZ objectives that came out of a workshop to align on the next quarter objectives for XYZ.


You are a technical leader of a delivery team that will work on this new engagement. You have been invited for an OKR writing session. Please help create the Key Results for this Objective.

>> Want to read more on OKR? I find Felipe’s Castro website very useful

>> Want to know more on building a MVP? Check the Lean Inception book.