I could not believe what I have just found!

My OOPSLA 2000 conference badge.

It was on a folder with some old USA documents.

Uau, and only a few weeks ago I posted a blog post about a preface where I mention OOPSLA 2000 on it.

It was my first talk on an international conference. And it was when I first came across agile methodologies.

For some odd reason, I bought one book at the conference. It was a book by Kent Beck. I was interested on design pattern and smalltalk back then. But Kent Beck had just released a book with a weird name: eXtreme Programming. Oh well. I bought it and was exposed to something different.

Needless to say, it is one of these books that change the directions you take going forward.

I am not on smalltalk or OO anymore. But I have to say I still mention many things I learned from my first agile book.


Btw, my talk at OOPSLA 200 was about an architecture for Object Oriented programming on the internet. This was the topic of my MSc thesis. Little did I know that I was about to drop that idea of big upfront architecture design.