This is a quick adaptation on the Remote Lean Inception Mural template for the teams using it with a video conferencing tool that does not have the breakout room feature.

As a Lean Inception facilitator it is very important to have the capability to split the participants into smaller groups and then regroup as one large group.

If you are using Zoom, you can do this via the breakout room feature.

But, some of the video conferencing tools do not have a specific feature for that. So, you have to handle it on your own; therefore, the need to adapt the Mural Lean Inception template for this need.

Adaptation: Rename the Kick-off area after the kick-off meeting to Participants and groups area

From Kick-Off Area to Participants and groups Area

The Participants and grous area have a list of all the active Lean Inception participants. It also provides the links for specific rooms for when you break the large group into smaller groups during the activities. It is a good option to keep a fishbowl for whenever you use it.

Please find below the Kick-off area (before renaming and re-purposing it)

And below is the Participants and group area, created right after the kick-of meeting (on the first interval, while the participants took a short break)


Please note that Microsoft teams already support breakout room feature (but only for the meeting organizer). This was a work around as I was not the meeting organizer. Also, other videoconferencing tools still do not have this feature. For this reason, I decided to document work around in this post.

This is a constant for a facilitator: You have to adapt to the context and tools at hand.