Too many itens have been created. But we need to prioritise as per perceived value.  The question below helps the group to prioritize by showing where each person believe they should spend their money at. The money representation is a means to visualize and talk about the group perception on priorities.

If we were on a very short budget and could work on only a few things, which would that be?

Step by step:

  1. Decide the possible investment options, and then distribute the representative investment money (post-Its with “$”) to each participant (another possibility is to give the $ a group of people).
  2. Each person or group should place the “$” where they believe more money should be invested (either in better understanding or working on it).
  3. Discuss the outcome and give the option of redistributing the “$”.


Below is a sample result when running this activity on a Remote Lean Inception. Each inception participant had their “money” on a diferente virtual post-it color. They where asked to show their money as per the most important group of personas their product should attend.

This simple activity presents a more playful and collaborative way of prioritising anything. Consider each  “$” representes a good amount of money  (USD 10.000,00).  It makes people very excited and conscious on how they would spent their money. Show me the money!


This post is part of a series of posts on inception related activities.