I am glad to announce the Remote Lean Inception template is now live and available in Miro.

>> go to the Miroverse Lean Inception template page.

‘The Lean Inception workshop template offers a comprehensive series of activities, typically scheduled over the course of a week that helps teams understand, align and plan the building of the MVP – Minimum Viable Product – and the product increments.` – from the Lean Inception template page on Miroverse.

The Lean Inception template in Miroverse is available in English only. But in the next two weeks, I will make it available the respective template files for the versions in Portuguese and Spanish. So far Miroverse has templates in English only. For this reason, the Remote Lean Inception for Miro in Spanish and in Portuguese will be downloadable files on the respective Remote Lean Inception pages (in Portuguese and in Spanish.) at Caroli.org

The Remote Lean Inception page (in English) at Caroli.org has already been updated with a link to Miroverse.

Design by Ana Paula da Silva. Template creation (Design + text + many reviews) by Ana Paula da Silva, Gabriel Viégas and me, Paulo Caroli.

Enjoy it and have great Remote Lean Inceptions!

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