opened a new training: the Remote Lean Inception training.

If you are interested in the Lean Inception method, you have two training options: the Remote Lean Inception training or the Face-to-face Lean Inception training (although there is no open class due to COVID-19).

Both trainings are about the Lean Inception method. However, the in-person Lean Inception training remains focused on facilitation tips for face-to-face Lean Inceptions, while the Remote Lean Inception training shares facilitation tips for remote Lean Inceptions.

But why this news? Why only now, in September?

When the pandemic started, I had to act and make a quick decision. What to do with face-to-face training? Convert face-to-face training to remote or stop training?

I decided to stop the presencial trainings.

These were the three main reasons for such a decision:

  1. Disagreement with financial transactions in the face of the pandemic situation
  2. Resistance / dissatisfaction with remote workshops
  3. Little practical experience with remote workshop

We put the following message on the training page and postponed all classes that were open after July (we did it in early March):

At, we highly value the human interaction and face-to-face exchange that we have in our training. Therefore, we will not offer any of our trainings remotely. We’ll reconsider face-to-face classes after July.

I apologize to the Lean Inception trainers. The vast majority of our decisions are collaborative, through continuous improvement meetings (in the style of retrospectives, futurespectives or team building). But that meeting in early March was less collaborative and much more informative.

In fact, it was a meeting of quick decisions based on emotion, then adjusting the logic behind them. It was the beginning of a confinement in Spain (where I currently live). I was concerned about the world, my family, finances, my professional life (facilitator of face-to-face workshops).

In fact, all the trainers and facilitators of Lean Inception were very concerned and the lock down was approaching in the world.

1. Disagreement with financial transactions in the face of the pandemic

I was not comfortable offering an option where a person could spend money during the pandemic.

Effective learning is super valuable. In times of crisis, we need to seek new knowledge, improve our skills.

But I didn’t feel comfortable imagining someone spending money on it during a pandemic scenario.

In relation to sharing knowledge on Lean Inception: I and the other trainers decided to make shorter versions of the training free, and I gave online talks on the subject.

I also focused on writing more: new books, blog posts, and articles. Knowledge very cheap (book or eBook), or free (publications and articles online). It helped me fill up my time and not go crazy over sad news.

2. Resistance / dissatisfaction with remote workshops

I prefer interaction and the face-to-face workshop. I have already done inceptions and distance workshops. But I was against it!

The benefits of face-to-face workshops far outweighed the possible options of remote workshops.

But that was in the old world, where people hugged, danced in crowded nightclubs, took the elevator with strangers, could cough and sneeze without guilt.

I have changed. I stopped comparing face-to-face and remote workshops. I accepted the new world.

Then I realised it has some benefits and some advantages in remote workshops. The tools have improved. And we all got used to remote interactions.

In the new world, both workshops styles, remote and face-to-face, will coexist.

3. Little practical experience with remote workshop

I like to share practical knowledge. That is the main reason why I never stopped being a consultant. I like going to different clients, experiencing different projects and challenges.

I love hearing the stories of other consultants and colleagues with similar challenges. Sometimes I write blog posts, sharing some of these stories, these practical tips that worked well.

Occasionally some of these related topics go to an e-book; and some evolve into a book… Perhaps, after many comments (and cycles of build, measure and learn) it will be shared in a book training. But all of this is based on sharing practical knowledge.

And that was one of the reasons why I felt very uncomfortable teaching something that was not yet mature (in March 2020).

But intense months, facilitating only remote workshops, have changed that. Now I have a lot of experience in remote workshops.

Now the Lean Inception trainers and I have a lot of experience on the subject: Remote Lean Inception. Now, we can (and must) help our community by sharing this knowledge.

Check out the Remote Lean Inception training program.