It may seem difficult to perform a remote Lean Inception, but it is totally possible and is just as important as the face-to-face. Follow the tips on this page to prepare yourself in the best possible way!

The combination of process, facilitation and tools is essential for the success of the remote Lean Inception.

A well-oriented process (Lean Inception) and tools for specific purposes – for example: Zoom for videoconferencing, Mural for visual collaboration and FunRetrospectives for energizers and remote retrospectives – are extremely important to enable a great remote workshop.

Facilitation Techniques

The formation and group communication approach should vary according to the moment of the workshop and the style of each activity. In some situations, everyone needs to be involved in the same conversation, but in others, this is not effective.

Check out the facilitation techniques for remote workshops, essential for remote Lean Inceptions facilitators. Make sure to choose a tool for participants to collaborate visually.  

Visual collaboration with Mural

>> Check out the Mural template for the Remote Lean Inception

Lean Inception – – EN by MURAL


Open to create a mural from this template in your workspace. Powered by MURAL

This template is also available in Portuguese and in Spanish.

Problems downloading the template? Perhaps this video will help: How to create a remote lean inception mural (from the template)?

Visual collaboration with Miro

>> Check out the Miro template for the Remote Lean Inception

Visual collaboration with Strateegia

>> Check out the Strateegia template for the Remote Lean Inception

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