Please find below a sequence of activities for a typical retrospective as well a Mural template.

1. Set the Context

Context: The team has been complaining about quite a few problems. Let´s look at the recent past so we can understand challenges, areas of concern, and, perhaps, talk about possible solutions.

2. Prime Directive for Retrospectives

‘Regardless of what we discover, we understand and truly believe that everyone did the best job they could, given what they knew at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand. ´ — The Retrospective Prime Directive

3. Energizer – The Ball asks

  1. Choose one person to start
  2. Share your screen
  3. Double click on this link
  4. The person answers, then select the next person

4. Checkin – Happiness radar

For each of the areas, please let us know how you felt on average. For instance, if you are always sad regarding people interactions, please move one yellow mark to the people/sad cell.

5. Main Course – Well – Not so well – New ideas

Please add your notes (choose the post-it color accordingly):
• Well – things that went well, that moves us forward, helps us get better. We want to repeat these!
• Not so well – things that went wrong, that need improvement, that hold us back. We want to eliminate or avoid these!
• New ideas – things that we should consider trying, suggestions, new ideas.

6. Filtering – Plus Minus Voting

The Plus Minus voting rules:

  • Each participant is entitled to five +s and five -s votes per column (each vote will be represented by a + or – mark on the sticky note).
  • Participants can place more than one vote on a card.
  • (+) represents your agreement with a note and that you want to talk about it.
  • (–) represents your disagreement with a note and that you want to talk about it
  • Please, vote on the items that you want to discuss. The items with the most votes will be picked up first.”

7. Checkout – Who – What – When steps to action

For each selected action item or next step, please add a row on the Who-What- When table:

  • WHAT is the action or step?
  • WHO is/are going to plan, follow up or perform it?
  • WHEN is the due date?

Mural template

Please find below a Mural template for this retrospective agenda. e¡Enjoy!