Below is brief explanation for the Paper Airplane activity (with photos)for introducing the Scrum cerimonies. 

The Scrum Paper Airplane activity is simple and effective for introducing some of the Scrum ceremonies like: planning, review, and retrospective. It also shows the Sprint concept and how the team performs better after a few Sprints. 

You need about 20 A4 paper and 5 coloured pen per group. 

Create one paper airplane as a model. I add two diagonal lines (in orange in the image) before folding the paper. Than I fold the paper, creating the airplane, then I create 12 circle windows (3 of each color) and the triangles representing the cabin (on a different color). 

Explain the following Scrum ceremonies: planning (each team tells  how many planes they will build on the Sprint), the review (once the Sprint is over, review how many planes were successfully built), and retrospective (after the Review meeting, talk about improvements for the next Sprint) 

The Sprints should have 5 minutes. Planning takes less than one minute, so does the review. Retrospective should take about 3 minutes. 

Create groups of 5 people each and have fun! 

Please find below as few images from the activity, in this case with 4 teams of five people each.


I find this activity specially useful for introducing the Scrum ceremonies and the Sprint concept.