The automotive industry is changing fast. Tesla´s Model 3 enormous success (electric car with open source technology), and Google evolving their self-driving car.
What about the retail market… It seemed to be a established market with slow changes, until Amazon bought the WholeFoods market. Now everyone knows things will change super-fast.
I have just bought a TV in Brazil, and the remote control has Netflix on it. Back in 2002 I used to get Netflix DVDs delivered to my small apartment at San Francisco, California. I would never imagine Netflix brand on my TV remote control.

It is just so many changes…
It is happening. Technology is taking over the business. The digital transformation has entered in every single industry. Companies are seeking to answer these basic questions:
How to innovate? How to use technology and have the biggest impact in the business?

Lean Inception has helped many enterprises experiment and evolve their digital products wisely. Lean Inception combines two major movements : Design Thinking and Lean StartUp.
Soon I will share the Lean Strategy: the fastest and safest way to innovation and digital transformation, my next eBook (already available in Portuguese).