Another amazing colleague moves on to a new challenge.

Yesterday I did receive this beautiful email.

I did not resist and asked my friend if I could share it.

It was great to read his words.

So great that I wanted to share and keep it t for future memories.


the core thing that stuck was the people


Hi all,

After 8 years, I am moving on. 9 Oct is my last day here.

Leaving primarily for personal reasons… But yeah, it’s sad to leave a place that becomes like home after 8 years.

I will never ever forget my initial days at TW. The glory years, the honeymoon period. 🙂

And an integral core part of those memories are you three!! Even a strong word like “Immersion” fails to describe the imprint you three left on me after those intense 10 days.

Sure, I may have learned a thing or two about TW and what we do here — but the core thing that stuck was the “people” at TW, and basically that was, in my mind, an extrapolation of you three — and boy, that felt wonderful — to think that TW must be full of <AMAZING_COLEAGUE_1>’s, <AMAZING_COLEAGUE_2>’s, and Paulo’s!!! Sadly, I grew up and figured out the world is not so simple, but hey, it was a pleasant image to carry for a few months at least.

Okay, rambling now… basically — THANK YOU!! You may or may not be aware of the kind of positive influence you have on people you meet and interact with…. but it can be substantial. I hope that over the years, I’ve been able to emulate some of this that I picked up from you.

We’ll stay in touch. I’m on …

Warmest regards,