On few occasions, people will send an email to all employees at ThoughtWorks. My favorite AllThoughtWorks email are the newborn announcements.

I just find it amazing. A colleague shares such special moment with everyone form the company, around the globe.

I have been there, and I have done it. You are super tired and super excited. You take a photo of the newborn, write a few words to let everyone know about it, and hit send.

But check out the few words written by my colleague Kao Felix. I remember being with him on a Lean Inception, and deciding upon the MVP–Minimum viable Product– for that product idea. This was a few years ago. But now I realized that Kao has mastered the concept, and has written the best [All ThoughtWorks] email ever!

subject: [All ThoughtWorks] [Baby Spam] Maya Go Live

Yesterday, May 2nd at 16:31 the MVP for Maya was finally delivered, weighting 3.585Kg and measuring 48cm. We’re very pleased with this first release which runs on milk and comes with great features such as making cute faces and noises.

With the support of the greater community and using Human Learning techniques, we plan on implementing basic core features like speech and writing, and eventually more advanced ones like a drive to undermine capitalism and the patriarchy.

Welcome to the world, little Maya!