The RCI decisions matrix is used for deciding and documenting who has the responsibility – R — to perform which activity, who is consulted – C — and who is informed – I –. It is especially useful when establishing new teams work agreements.

A few weeks ago, I facilitated a workshop for a group of people that came together to align on a few work agreements. I went to to look for a few Team building activities ideas.

The RCI matrix was perfect for what I was looking for. It is simple and straight to the point. After deciding on the important activities, the group should take care of. The group decided, for each activity: Who is responsible for it? Who should be consulted? Who should be informed about it?

Tools like Mural and Miro are great for the visual collaboration during the session. We have used Mural. Please find the sample results (obfuscated for confidentiality) below:

After the session, I documented the results on a shared google excel. Here is the link for you to reuse it.

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