Whether you think you can, or you can’t; either way you are right.

Chances are you won’t get it right. You won’t build an MVP and provide your customer with all they need to fulfill their needs.

But you’ll get started. And you’ll learn. Then you’ll add more to it. You’ll validate with your customers again.

And you’ll keep on working this way: build, measure, learn.

The point is you should build a product based on your customer feedback, validating the MVP and each feature added to it.

This is the Lean Inception way to build digital products. Because you cannot predict the feedback until it’s on your customers hands.

So, whether you think you can or you can’t build the right MVP, either way you are right. The right thing to do is to get started and validate your idea.

An idea is like a folded parachute. Unless you release it, you won’t know if it works. Tweet This.