The To the point e-book has a new release:

This one is a big update; therefore I am sending this note.

Please download the latest version of this e-book in order to get these changes.

I have changed many photos, replacing some that were from lean inceptions in Brazil (Portuguese) to lean inceptions in English.

I also corrected the image sizes, making them smaller for better fit on the e-books readers.

I updated the chapter names to match the Lean Inception article on Martin Fowler site:

I improved the text on the Features Sequencer and the MVP canvas chapters.

I added two new chapters on the beginning of the book (How to read this book and Developing products that matters).

I restructured the book in four sections:

  • Building the right product
  • Preparing for the workshop
  • Running the Lean Inception
  • Appendix

I added more icebreakers activities to the respective appendix.

Please contact me ——  for any feedback.

Now I´ll start working on the printed version of this book (on Amazon in a few weeks).